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Amazing Heights

Amazing Heights

What is height bias? Why do taller people tend to obtain leadership positions? What can individuals do to maximize their presence? What can we learn from shorter iconic men such as Audie Murphy, Mark Zuckerberg, José Altuve and Kevin Hart? Books tend to be one-size-fits-all. You will be hard-pressed to find anything addressing the unique challenges of one particular group: short guys. With this in mind, Amazing Heights is the first personal development book dedicated to the short guy fraternity.

“Amazing Heights takes an honest look at the data behind height and success – in careers, sports and romance. It also offers lots of encouragement and tangible tactics men can use to reach great heights.” ~ Brock McGoff, Founder, The Modest Man

What is height bias?

Our brains are like computers, programmed with software to help us make quick decisions, known as heuristics in the world of psychology. This was valuable for fight or flight situations or when in survival mode, supporting Darwin’s survival of the fittest evolutionary theory. While society has advanced, the brain’s software remains.

To highlight the impact of height bias in online dating: consider the fact that the average male height in the U.S. is 5’10”. Meanwhile, the average height of men on the dating site OKCupid is 6’0.” Guys are aware that women use height as a screener, hence we are willing to stretch our tale of the tape by 2″ on average. Taller men are perceived (key word) to be more desireable than shorter peers when it comes to dating, athletics and leadership; however, history tells us that men below 5’10” make excellent partners, win MVPs and lead millions. Change starts with the individual. After all, the same heuristics embedded in society are embedded in each of us. A shift in mindset can be powerful. It can free us of self-limiting beliefs (height bias included) and allow us to do virtually anything.

Head-to-toe measurements do not dictate the heights we can achieve in life. If you’re looking for education, motivation, or strategies, think of this book as a tool to level the playing field, or at least, to better understand it.

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“The best tip I could tell you is to be active. So many people talk about what they want to do and they just love words. Put actions behind your words. Don’t be a talker, be a doer.”

— Kevin Hart, Comedian (5’4″)

Author bio

Seth Ulinski is a native of New Hampshire and resides in Dover, NH. He graduated from Clemson University, South Carolina, with a B.A. in Spanish and International Trade. While attending Clemson, Seth became a member of Pi Kappa Phi, a national social fraternity. At 5’7’’, he is also a member of the short guy fraternity.

Since he was a kid, Seth has been fascinated with sports. Seth played basketball, baseball, and football until a car accident in his sophomore year of high school. Multiple surgeries and a long recovery process gave him a stronger appreciation for seatbelts and good health. As an adult, Seth was diagnosed with rare autoimmune disorders, requiring thyroid and eye surgery. While educating himself on how to manage these life-altering events, Seth realized the value of self-care. Today, he’s grateful for these setbacks, drawing strength, courage, and wisdom from them as part of his wider personal development work.